Our Products


We provide a wide range of beef products starting with the quality of Angus and including USDA choice and other grades. All of our products are processed in our USDA inspected facility. Modern processing equipment and a team of highly trained specialists provides our customers with the best possible product.


We manufacture a wide variety of pork products from only the freshest midwestern raw materials. Our primary goal is to produce a consistent quality product that you will be proud to sell or serve. Our ability to listen and place an emphasis on detail with careful research allows us to design the best possible product for your and your customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize our process to meet your needs.


Today’s health conscious menus encourage the use of poultry in many forms and in many ways. Our technology enables us, again, to fully customize your poultry portions to your specific needs. You design, we listen, and your customized product is created.

Philly Plus

Philly Plus is made of only the highest quality natural ingredients. We take USDA inspected juicy tender beef steak, slice it thin and then add fresh red peppers, fresh green peppers, and fresh onions. Wow, what a flavor sensation.